Terms of use


Any booking made by you constitutes an offer by you to rent the villa on these terms. Bookings are considered confirmed when Wienerwald Residenz has accepted the booking by sending a booking confirmation and has received payment in full, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In order for a booking to be confirmed by the Wienerwald Residenz, a payment date and payment method must be agreed in advance. By visiting or using our website or any other online agent, you agree to be bound by the website’s Terms of Use and Booking Conditions.

If payment is not received by the Wienerwald Residenz within the required period, the Wienerwald Residenz reserves the right to suspend or cancel any bookings made and any deposit already paid may be retained.

Should the Wienerwald Residenz not be able to confirm the accommodation originally requested, the Wienerwald Residenz will endeavor to provide a similar alternative and will send you an email or other notification to inform you of the details. The Wienerwald Residenz will endeavor to hold the reservation for 48 hours so that you can confirm your acceptance by paying in full.

Once your confirmation and invoice have been received, please review the information carefully. If something is wrong, you should inform the Wienerwald Residenz immediately. The Wienerwald Residenz cannot assume any liability if we are not informed of any inaccuracies in the documents within 48 hours of dispatch. If there is an obvious error in the booking confirmation or the invoice, the Wienerwald Residenz reserves the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it.

It is the responsibility of the booker to provide Wienerwald Residenz at the time of booking with the names of all relevant guests, whether they are adults or minors, and to provide a contact phone number or email address of the prospective guest. The passport, visa and health regulations for you and your travel group are your responsibility. The Wienerwald Residenz reserves the right to request a copy of a valid photo ID (a passport is required for non-EU guests). Additional security checks may be carried out. Please note that the minimum age for guests is 21 and that the ID and name on the payment method must match.


Wienerwald Residenz will endeavor to assist guests with special requirements/needs. Please ensure that the Wienerwald Residenz is informed in advance or at the time of booking. Although we will do our best to accommodate your needs, we cannot give any guarantees. Please discuss this with our reservations team and we will do our utmost to assist you. Access information to the objects of the Wienerwald Residenz is available on request.

With a maximum occupancy of 10 guests in the villa, a minimum booking of 3 nights is required.


Unless otherwise agreed, full payment of the rent is due no later than 14 days before the day of arrival.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made using one of the following methods:

Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card and American Express). The Wienerwald Residenz reserves the right to request payments via Stripe or Paypal.

By agreeing to these terms, you authorize us to use your debit/credit card details stored in a secure PCI compliant safe to process payments.


To the best of our knowledge, the prices we quote are correct at the time of publication, however we reserve the right to change prices from time to time. Prices may fluctuate and are always based on the prices in force at the time of booking. Prices are given in EUR including VAT. The VAT applicable at the time of booking will be charged. Once a booking has been confirmed, Wienerwald Residenz will not change the advertised price unless you change the booking.